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German teachers reveal their best secrets which make learning German grammar much easier!

If you are really serious about learning or teaching German very EFFICIENTLY, you have to clearly understand this basic insight:

The efficiency of our memory depends on our way of perception

Here is how much you retain in memory of what

learn German grammar with mnemonics

(Source: Focus 43/2002)

As you can see, the best way for you to learn something is to DO it yourself. Thus, if you want to learn German you have to continuously practice the 4 crucial language skills: reading, writing, hearing and, of course, speaking German. Well, I guess you already knew that before, right? :)

However, what the diagram also shows is that the more of our senses we use, the better we learn! To get a better idea of what that means, you should sign up to my Crash Course on Mnemonics for German Grammar.

Well, this is why the most successful teachers on the planet always keep in mind the most important rules for efficient learning:

Your MIND must collaborate perfectly with your SENSES

This will steepen your learning curve dramatically. Learning German grammar will become a lot easier than it ever was for you.

Well, why don´t you find out how that works right now? Here are some crucial points you have to master when learning German. Just give it a try …

Learn German Articles (der, die, das – it´s really not that difficult, once you know HOW it works!) | Learn German irregular verbs (learn vowel gradations (Ablaute) with a very smart trick!) | Learn German verbs with prepositions (which verbs use which preposition? And which case goes with it? Most students get really confused about this) | Learn German adjective endings / adjective declension (I promise, it´s really easy once you UNDERSTAND how the system works) | Learn German prepositions (Which case follows which preposition? Now it´s all becoming crystal clear and well structured!) | Learn German vocabulary (please avoid these huge mistakes!)

The tenses of German grammar

Present Tense | Perfect Tense | Preterite Tense | Pluperfect Tense | Future Tense 1 | Future Tense 2

Learning aids for German grammar

If you really want to learn German grammar, I would like to recommend you to use creative learning aids for German as a foreign language. In my FREE Video-Course "German Grammar for your Brain".