When you’re learning German, you can only EXPLODE your results if you have a very good learning technique.
The question is:
when are you  finally going to use it?

When you were always looking for a way to learn the German grammar in a creative way without getting frustrated but you’re NOT willing to spend even more money on even more courses or grammar books, then you’ll find the information on this website the most valuable of its kind.

Dear student of German! ( and the following also regards teachers of German)

Does the following sound familiar to you?

Every day your teacher explains new grammar rules and when you’re studying at home you feel overburdened because you have no idea HOW you’re going to learn all these rules?
You’re afraid to make a conversation in German because you make too many mistakes and you don’t want to look stupid?
You really don’t know how you can learn to use the correct article with each noun in a lasting way?
You still don’t understand the declension of the adjectives?
You live, work or study  in  Germany  and therefore you want to master the language but you think: „I won’t be able to do it because it’s so difficult to learn the grammar!“?
Often you lay in your bed and feel frustrated and lonely, because it’s all chaos in your head due to the lack of a comprehendible system?
The „learning assistance“ of your teacher consists of the expression: „You simply have to learn this!“??
Every month you transfer money for your course of German, but you have the impression you don’t make much progress?
You already spent a lot of money on German textbooks or software, but somehow they don’t offer anything new?
You don’t have a definite answer to the question „HOW do you actually learn the German grammar rules?“
When you find yourself in one of the situations above, I can tell you … you’re not the only one. The same happened  to most of my students, until I finally found the most important clue, which until then was still missing, for learning German with a maximum result.

In 2000, when I started teaching German as a foreign language in Berlin, at first I was very proud that I was the the person in my students´ life to explain the complicated German grammar to them. But somehow I noticed that the subject matter continiously extended and that most of the time there was no logic in the rules. My students used to say with a confused expression: „Yes, I understand“, but when more and more students started to ask: „HOW should we learn all this?“ it became clear that there is nothing to understand about German grammar. Most of it is abstract and illogical; you „simply have to learn those rules by heart“.

At that time I wasn’t able to give any better advice than „You simply have to learn it by heart“ either. This was a pretty unsatisfying situation, both for my students and myself: to be bombarded with rules without a powerful LEARNING TECHNIQUE results in more frustration.

This insight haunted me, but I just didn’t know how I could help my students in an effective way … until one day I had a crucial experience:

I participated in a workshop on „Mnemotechnics“. To put it roughly, it involves mental techniques to build a super-memory.  I admit that it sounds a bit suspicious, but I just wanted to know what it was all about. In short: it was absolutely CRAZY!!

How I all of a sudden could remember all sorts of things effortlessly

As from the moment I started to use my fantasy while learning, I suddenly could memorize the most stupid things without any effort and this in a LASTING WAY!

I was beside myself with joy! Finally I had found the „Holy Grail“ for learning German. I knew: when I would be able to further develop the principles of mnemotechnics specifically for the learning of German, a whole new level would be reached. And I decided this would be my ultimate mission!

You’ll probably think this seems a bit exaggerated, but it depicts very well my fanatic obsession to bring my ideas to reality. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else, my head was flooded with ideas.

Fortunately the school director supported me from the start, because he was as positive about my ideas as I was myself. And of course he also considered the benefits it would bring for the school. So I developed a similar seminar but then specifically for students of German. We announced the date for a test-seminar and after 2 days it was already fully booked with 30 students!

BAMM! My idea was a huge success indeed. Our students were not just interested, they were absolutely  enraptured  with the learning techniques! This is no surprise since on average they all improved by approximately 72% when learning the subject matter of  „the German articles“.

Now, I must admit that some students were also dismayed. They asked: „Why didn’t we learn to know this techniques earlier?“

Others asked if there existed a book on the techniques, but unfortunately I always had to answer this question with „no“.

The seminar took root and became a permanent part of the school program, and the wave of enthusiasm grew steadily, and so did the demand for a book. Ok, right, I said to myself: „You’ve written a scientific work about this phenomenon for the Technical University in Berlin, why wouldn’t you write a step-by-step tutorial about mnemotechnics for German as a foreign language for your students?“

But what had I let myself in for? It soon became a mammoth project! I worked with a professional illustrator and got more and more ideas. My e-book is finally ready and the result bears me out:

It’s innovative!
It’s the future!
It’s the right way!


Shortly I’ll give you more details of what matters when you’re learning German and of what my e-book „Learning German Grammar with Mnemonics“ consists.

Now, I can understand very well that up till now you were desperate, because your progress was too slow or because  in your head there was an ever-growing chaos  instead of a method. But there is hope! With the right learning techniques you’ll be able to improve your results significantly. You’ll even find that learning German can be fun – no kidding!

Then the times of  „learning somehow“ haphazardly will be gone, instead you’ll rely on very specific techniques,  which enable you  to learn certain grammar rules in a  purposeful and structural way. You’ll perceive in your own mind how you will be able to recall all the rules from your memory at the particular moment you need them.

And honestly: It certainly is not your fault that until now you didn’t make the expected progress in learning German. After having spoken to hundreds of students, I would maintain that it is NORMAL. In your German language courses and books, no attention has been paid to the WAY you would learn everything. 99,9% of the teachers simply don’t know these techniques!

Before I’ll explain you everything about my new e-book „Learning German with mnemotechnics“, allow me to show you shortly what the main principle of these learning techniques is, and to what they lead:

Here is how students of German are enabled to learn the German articles 72 percent better.

How it works? Very simple! We simply have to take all the „commonplaces“ seriously:


The trick of mnemotechnics consists of CREATING images where there wasn’t an image before. For instance: when learning the German articles.

And it works like this:

For every article we use a symbol. For the article „der“ we’ll use something male, for instance a lion. It could of course also be a man or else something that you like. In my example I use a lion for the article „der“, and then it looks like this:

learn German grammar with mnemonics
Now, when you want to learn for example „der Stuhl“ (the chair), you just imagine that the lion bites the chair. You can create another image, of course; the only important thing is that the lion does something with the chair and not just stands besides it. For example, in my course I use the following image:
learn German grammar with mnemonics

der Stuhl

I’m pretty sure that you see the difference at first glance. You’ll remember the image a lot easier than the two words „der Stuhl“, which simply is too abstract and easy to forget. Are you still skeptical? Well, maybe you are and that’s all right, but I can assure you the following: When you use a symbol for every article, you will be able to learn the articles a lot better. Here you see actual statistics from my courses on the articles – and until now  there hasn’t been one course where it didn’t work!
learn German grammar with mnemonics
Probably now you ask „huh“? Is it that simple then?“. Yes, it surely is as simple as that! Of course it requires a bit of time. My article-course lasts for two hours, but I can assure you that my students are absolutely thrilled after the course. When abstract information is transformed to comprehendible images, these images are called „mnemonic images“ or „memory images“, and really, they do have a magic impact on your memory!
mnemonic images vs abstract rules
And the brilliant thing is: This principle not only works for the learning of German articles, but it works basically for ALL the subjects of the German grammar!

Here’s another useful hint:

How you can use mnemotechnics to learn very easily which verbs take the Dative

I’m pretty sure that with these techniques you will experience a REAL REVOLUTION in your learning of German. I know that this sounds a bit presumptuous, but the factual results of my work prove me right. However, you’ll have to try  it  and see for yourself which is the best way to learn German.

Observe yourself attentively:
are you able to better learn German with images?

Learn German grammar with Mnemonics

Deutsch lernen mit Mnemotechniken

Which case is used by the verb „danken“ (to thank)?

learn German grammar with mnemonics
I’m absolutely sure you gave the correct answer by clicking on the „DATIVE“, because you saw that our visualization contains Dracula, as a symbol for the dative!

Let’s make a fair comparison:
the following is the way it’s explained by

Your German dictionary

danken, v. /Dat.

The majority of students don’t understand this information at all …

Your German teacher

Memorize this rule:

„The verb  danken uses the Dative!“

Learning tip from most teachers:

„You simply have to learn this by heart!“

You can see immediately that your dictionary, and most probably neither your teacher aren’t of any real assistance with the issue of HOW to learn German grammar. You’re left to your own devices and you’ll have to drum the grammar rules into your head in one way or another. Therefore I advise strongly:

Get finally rid of this „swotting“ and start using creative learning techniques instead!

This way you’ll can start right now to learn German using mnemotechnics: Rule: „The verb danken uses the Dative.“ Imagine: You thank the bloodsucking Dracula, because he didn’t bite you!
learn German grammar with mnemonics
Hopefully you realized yourself that the use of mnemotechnics is the most valuable approach when you want to learn German grammar rules QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY.

Not only my students, but also the Hartnack-School is won over by  the new course on mnemotechnics. The school wanted to have my course so desperately in order to implement it  independently of me, that it bought all my documentation for 5000 euros. Do you find this hard to believe? It’s a lot of money indeed, but it’s actually not more than a fair price for the years I spent developing all this materials. And if you still don’t believe me, here is the proof .


But now let introduce to you …

My „Holy Grail“ for the learning of German grammar

Dear Peter,
I think your learning package is topnotch material!

I’ve been a teacher for 18 years …
If only I´d have discovered your materials earlier, I would have saved so much time.

I think we need  visual learning aids. I often made my students work with colors (pink for feminine, blue for masculine and yellow for neutral), because with the use of colors they could better memorize the gender of the nouns; but this is nothing compared to your materials.

Next week, I’ll implement it at the university to motivate my students even more.

Paola Vallavanti from Italy

Teacher of German

You’ll also receive 60 valuable professional images, which show you by way of example how to create mental memory aids. Additionally there is plenty of supplementary material, that will be an unparalleled support for learning German at anytime; so that the grammar rules will be engraved in your memory, whether you want it or not. Once you’ve learned rules with these techniques, it’s not possible to forget them. This Power-learning kit for German grammar is nothing like the other textbooks with trivial tips like ´creating word webs´ or ´learning with record cards´. You can use it in combination with any German textbook or course. It provides you with the weapons you need to effectively learn the rules from your books in a long lasting way.
more abstract rules which nobody is able to memorize! 
What you undoubtedly need to know about the articles, in order to „tackle“ them with the right strategy and learn the German articles 70 percent better. (Not only what I showed you here before)
With a small but ingenious trick, you EXPERIENCE immediately and directly your progress – independently of your learning level!
You’ll learn to know the most powerful mnemonic strategies used by memory artists,  which enable you to better memorize virtually EVERYTHING.
What you need to know about memory images, to make sure they work properly.
How you can memorize vocabulary, grammar, German articles and much more in a systematic way to retrieve it at any time.
A simple trick will enable you to memorize very easily whether an adjective or a noun uses an „Umlaut“ (mutated vowel) or not.
Learn to know the power of 300 „mnemonic example-sentences“ and learn without the slightest effort vowel gradations (Ablaute), cases or prepositions together with the verbs.
This way you’ll be able to easily remember a selection of important words (for example verbs who form the perfect tense with „sein“)
This way you’ll learn the rules of the two-way-prepositions AT  FIRST GLANCE and you’ll be able to remember them easily afterwards.
Often, colors are used without any system. Learn how to use them in a meaningful way.
Most students learn vocabulary in an inefficient way. Learn to know a revolutionary method (no, not just with flash cards!)
Which verb actually uses which case?  These techniques enable you to visualise this information so that it becomes very easy to learn the relevant rules.
What do seasons have to do with learning German? You would be surprised!
With the  loci-method, the new learning posters will help you effectively to learn German.
With this worldwide unique method, you will create example-sentences with „memory-words“ for vowel gradations (Ablaute), cases and prepositions!
You will work with top-class colorful illustrations, in the classroom or at home, which at the same time contain memory aids.
How you can learn the adjective-declension with only one table, which you’ll be able memorize after a first glance.
With these creativity-techniques, you will be able to visualize virtually EVERYTHING.
Use this e-book as your first German reading! It’s written in such an easy language that it is easy to understand, even  for beginners.
Learn the subject matters step-by-step, in order to be able memorize any information very easily.
Get once and for all rid of your exasperation to have to learn abstract grammar rules which nobody is able to memorize!
And this is probably the most important for you: You’ll have a lot more fun while learning German, because you’ll notice that your personal new memory techniques are very effective!
I did an exhaustive research for  the e-book and I included all the current scientific knowledge regarding learning German by means of mnemonics. Furthermore I am collaborating with a professional illustrator who provided me with an abundance of brilliant images. The e-book consists of 144 pages, filled with a lot of professionally illustrated images exclusively related to the subject of German grammar, which show you how you can create unlimitedly your own PERSONAL mental images. Each image contains a simple code for a certain grammar rule, and therefore you’ll be able to memorize it very easily.

Learn for example

Why this runner´s bright blue shoes will help you improving your German.
learn German grammar with mnemonics
Why this fish is bright red and why his body has a D-shape.
Why Hamlet had to learn to swim especiallly for this e-book.
Why this poor chap has to freeze to death in order to enable you to learn German in an easier way.
And much, much more …
I can guarantee you, that after having read this e-book, you will remember such images a lot better than the abstract grammar rules from ordinary textbooks, and therefore be able to learn German a lot easier.

I showed you now how powerful and ingenious mnemotechnics are and which amazing results you can achieve by using them. Probably now you wonder …

For whom is this Power-learning-aids-kit for German Grammar intended?

The POWER-Learning-Kit is exclusively intended  for persons

who don’t want to waste their time and want to learn or teach German in a more efficient way.
who are fed up with the „overflow“ of abstract information and finally want to bring some creative order in the chaos of German grammar.
who were always looking for a powerful tool to sensualize any German grammar rule, which  makes the learning or teaching of  German REALLY a lot simpler
who have understood that all successful students use highly efficient learning techniques and therefore are able to learn at a completely different level. This is also true for learning German!
If you want to follow a simple and risk-free method, and if you want to explode your results immediately, then mnemotechnics are the way to go! I can’t stress enough how important the right learning technique is for your progress in learning German.

For whom is the Power-learning-aids-kit for German grammar NOT intended?

Well, I would dissuade you to invest in this e-book package if:

you tend to buy programs and never use them.
you already are proficient in German and you feel no need to improve.
you haven’t understood that you FIRST have to master your memory in order to remember grammar rules.
you tend to „theorize“ and to reject a method beforehand, without actually trying it in order to EXPERIENCE the results.
So I would advise only to invest in the Power-learning kit for German grammar if you want to improve your learning results and if you have understood that a good memory technique is an elementary component in order to remember grammar rules and speak correct German at last.

What makes the POWER-Learning-Aids-Kit so different from the other learning aids for German grammar?

The Power-learning kit provides an abundance of readily available memory aids for numerous grammar rules.
The top-class illustrations will  „burn“ many rules into your memory, without you even noticing.
In the Power-learning-kit, I explain in detail which mental strategies you should use to remember certain grammar rules for a 100%.
Step-by-step you’ll learn to know the methods of the renown memory artists and very soon you’ll be completely free to apply the mnemotechnic methods to any grammar rule to learn it in a super easy way.
Memory-artists don’t underestimate their art. That’s why a memory training for a company usually costs more than 1000 Euros! Here you’re given  exactly the same techniques specifically developed for learning German grammar, inclusive a lot of supplementary materials, which you can implement time and time again, for a lot less than 50 Euros!
You’ll probably say now: Ok, you persuaded me, but how much is it  going to cost me?

Now,  I really put all my passion of many years of teaching experience in this project, and the materials are absolutely unique.  For the graphics only I spent 1500 Euros, not to speak about the other personal expenses I made. This in itself justifies a price which other trainers would charge for their seminars.
Many trainers give free demonstrations in schools and sell their materials to the rightly enthusiastic parents. I am a grammar school teacher and I met a lot of such trainers. One of them is Gregor Staub. He sells his so-called „mega memory Premium-Edition“ online for 245 Euro. Gregor Staub is a really good memory trainer, I have all his materials and they are excellent. But when you compare his price with the price I will give you in a minute, it will put a grin on your face!

Furthermore you have to realize that until now NOBODY has made a serious effort to adapt these techniques to the specific field of German grammar. Except for myself, of course.

Seriously: I was so passionate about the effectivity of these techniques that I HAD TO develop something for my students, I couldn’t help it. I have to admit that I worked out ideas and developed new materials like a man possessed. These materials are ready to use for learning or teaching German.

Hello Mr Heinrich,

I started to work with your materials a few lessons ago, I started with the course on the articles. Approximately 85% of my students made 0 mistakes in the test at the end of the lesson. They were over the moon! At the moment I use the material in two sixth and one seventh class in a German speaking school in Spain.

Susanne Felsch, San Sebastián, Spain

I discovered a new world, and I believe that this method will help me. I’m jus treading the book and find it all super interesting!
Ana Carolina Gomez Bueno, Sao Paulo, Brasil

However, I must admit that I save some costs by selling my materials electronically, so I think that 39,70 Euro is a more than fair price.
learn German grammar with mnemonics  

„When you’re serious about learning or teaching German, you should know this new reference work.“



The 144 pages provide you with mnemotechnic memory aids for the most important subjects of the German grammar, all is explained in an easy-to-understand German.

The best is yet to come

If you order now, you receive ADDITIONALLY these 6 bonuses with a value of 100 Euros:

Bonus #1

learn German grammar with mnemonics
More then 30 mnemonic learning posters provide you with topnotch colorful illustrations and memory aids in A4-format.

Moreover they come in a very handy electronic format on your computer. It’s easy navigable and you can print whatever you need.

Put the posters on the wall at home or in the classroom
Impress yourself, your students or your colleagues
Supplement the posters with your own creations
UNDERSTAND at last, how the two-way-prepositions function
Only ONE glance at a poster is sufficient to remember rules effortlessly
In this preview you’ve seen only 13 posters – but there are more than 30!
This way, learning German becomes really easy!

Bonus #2

The first flash cards with mnemotechnic memory aids!

Learn difficult verbs as-you-go with mnemonic flash cards in A8-format.

This way you learn difficult verbs finally in an EFFICIENT way

Irregular verbs
Verbs with the dative
Verbs with prepositions
300 record cards in total
Has it  happened to you as well to look for certain flash cards and not be able to find them? These record cards with verbs are all arranged alphabetically. As soon as  you click a verb from the list, you land automatically on the corresponding double page which you can print on thick paper; thereafter you can cut them to size.  Every single record card contains one or more mnemonic memory aids for the corresponding verb! You can choose to only print  the verbs which you want to learn, as often as you want!
For every single verb a mnemonic example-sentence – more than 300 flash cards!
You’re not only supported by the mnemonic sentences, but also by images and color-symbols!
This way you will remember easily which case, preposition or vowel gradation (Ablaute) a certain verb uses!
This way you can find the verbs easily and print them if you want!
Write the translation in your mother tongue on the back of the record card!

Bonus #3

3 Songs to learn the prepositions more easily

learn German prepositions with music
Learn the prepositions, grouped in songs!
There is nothing new about singing prepositions. However, many students who are learning German don’t want to sing in the classroom or the teachers don’t feel like singing themselves. A lot of people prefer to listen to music. I succeeded to record 3 fantastic short songs with the cooperation of 2 dedicated musicians from Berlin. The melodies originate from well-known folk songs, which are sung beautifully accompanied by a guitar.

The prepositions are arranged in such a way that they are easy to sing on the well-known melodies. Thanks to both artists (Tobias Fricke, guitar, singer; Cathrin Jacob, singer) the songs sound really fantastic! Other songs, published by big publishers of grammar books, always irritated me because somehow they sound silly…

You will love these songs!
The rules for the prepositions will become your earworm!

learn German prepositions with music

With these songs you bring a system in the prepositions
Listen to the songs at home, read the texts – they will be engraved in your memory
Make your lessons more fun and relaxed with the songs
Listen to the songs while traveling
Learn to know why the prepositions are written down in blue and all what you can learn from that.
The preposition-songs go down very well with my students! They learn the prepositions really a lot quicker!
Elke Kikelj, Austria

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Bonus #4

Start to color and learn the two-way- prepositions together with the case!

Practice every two-way-preposition separately
Practice them in groups, arranged per case
Test with mixed coloring pages
Students have fun practicing
Teachers teach with structure and enjoyment!
This coloring book offers you 40 pages of master copies to practice for yourself or to have fun while teaching your students. Funny illustrations demonstrate very clearly the distinctive use of the 9 most important bigovernate prepositions. By coloring the illustrations the clever color code will deepen the learning  of the use of the cases (dative resp. accusative)
Color the illustrations in the right color and imprint your memory with  the meaning inclusive the right case.
Practice while you color and mark the illustrations.
Get with a clear and understandable system from the beginning.
If you are a teacher, copy any individual preposition for your group of students and introduce them one by one in the correct context ( action or position)
Test your learning progress in joint exercises – arranged per case or mixed
You have the option to use the illustration with or without markings ( so you determine yourself the level of difficulty of the exercise)
Hello Peter,

Thank you very much for the funy coloring pictures. I’ll try them out as soon as possible! Greetings from Downunder!

Susanne Haring, Australia

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Bonus #5


learn German grammar with mnemonics
The article-memory-game is an important contribution to the  variety of methods. Students train as-they-go their eyes for the special „genus-specific“ endings of the nouns, indicated by the nouns, while having fun.
A4-master copies with cards
Up to 6 players can play approximately 25 minutes.
2 different difficulty levels
Do you want to study even more words? Simply use the blank templates to make notes yourself
The templates are sized for printing on memory-cards for inkjet-printers.
Find out where you can buy these memory-cards cheaply.
Or just print them on a bit thicker paper

Bonus #6

learn German grammar with mnemonicsEVERYTHING is bilingual English AND German!

Yep, that´s right. Read very easily on the right page the English version and take at any time a glance to the opposite page to get an idea of the original German text. This way you have a seamless transition to your first German text! Don´t worry, I did not translate it myself ;). It was all done by a professional bilingual translator!

Ok, it becomes still better: If you think your German is already on an intermediate level and you rather get annoyed by the two versions of text, you´ll find ADDITIONALLY all files in a German-only-version. So you can decide any time freely, weather you want to work with the bilingual or with the German-only version of your German-POWER-Learning-Kit. Isn´t that great? This bilingual-service should be worth at least another 20,- Euros. But don´t worry, you don´t have to pay any extra money at all!

Ok, now you can decide for yourself whether or not this is a killer package.

Let me sum up all what you’ve seen so far:

The Power-learning-aids-kit „Learn German with Mnemonics“ which contains more than 50 graphics and mnemonic images for a value of 1500 Euros. My price for you: 39,70 €.


More than 30 mnemonic-learning posters with the manual. At A FIRST GLANCE you remember IMMEDIATELY the most important grammar rules! Value: 25 Euros.
More than 300 mnemonic flash cards for verbs. Every single record card contains a mnemonic example-sentence and also very often additional memory aids, which facilitate the learning of difficult verbs. Value: 15 Euros.
3 easy-listening preposition-songs, – recorded with singers from the band „Raw like Sushi“ from Berlin. Value: 10 Euros.
Super-coloring book for the two-way-prepositions in the form of master copies. With this new method, you’ll finally be able to sytemize  this subject matter. Value: 15 Euros.
Article-memory game with 54 cards for practicing the nouns with genus-specific endings. Master copies for 2 different difficulty levels  plus a blank master copy. Value: 15 Euros.
EVERY piece comes in a bilingual and ADDITIONALLY in a German-only version.


The new feeling of „Now-understand-it!“ and thus also „I-am-more-confident-now!“
Surplus value of fun and less frustration when learning German.
Fundamental mental strategies, which you can apply to other learning issues without any problem – e.g. for other languages, in your job, in the course of your studies.
… This all together forms the Power-Learning-Aids-Kit for German Grammar with a value of at least 139,70 Euros!
Learn German grammar with mnemonics
And you know what? That’s it. The whole package for 39,70 Euros and not a cent more!

But there still is more. Because I’m so confident that my materials will open entirely new ways for your learning German, I’m prepared to give you a full …


Exactly, I take the full risk to give you the possibility to test the Power-learning kit for German grammar. And the guarantee works like this: If the materials are not of a GREAT help when learning or teaching German or you’re unsatisfied because of any  reason whatsoever … you can contact my customer-support and I’ll refund the whole purchase price without fuss or quibble.

Fair enough?

Ok, wait a minute … I can still do a bit better for you. If you can show me a place where you can buy a learning aid for German as a foreign language of a similar extent and quality for a better price, I’ll pay you double your money back. Why?

I put a lot of energy into this project and I have literally looked everywhere to find similar materials. And I’ve encountered a lot of titles which promise the moon, but in the end they were all disappointing and didn’t offer anything really new. I want to save you that disappointment. I really want you to be 100% satisfied. Therefore I will compensate you with an additional 39,70 Euros if the materials don’t meet your expectations and if you can show me better ones.

That’s the best offer I can make…

Are you prepared, to put the dumb „learning by heart“ behind you and to learn to know real power techniques? Then the steepness of your learning curve lies in your own hands.

In the future learning German could just look like this for you

You’re in the classroom and all the information patters down on you. You watch the other students groaning, but you are completely relaxed because you know what’s coming up next.

You make yourself comfortable at home and you start to sort out all you’ve written down or all the notes you received in the classroom, all the new vocabulary and rules. You’ll write the vocabulary on flash cards and the rules maybe in an additional notebook. And you’ll notice immediately that you’re able to memorize some words and rules without any effort, because they’re similar to what you already know, so you don’t have any problems to learn them.

Other words and rules will be more problematic, and you think: „Sh…, this is impossible to memorize!“ Don’t panic, you simply start to work creatively with the information that is difficult to learn,  exactly the way you learned it  in the Power-learning-aids-kit. So, you draw colorful and structured images in your notebook, in your mind they’re magic memory images, they’re like a little magician who helps you to remember this „difficult“ information.

After that you go back to your daily chores and suddenly you notice that you’re able to repeat autonomously some of  the information that you prepared with the help of mnemonics, and you realize it actually does work, the images emerge time and time again and remind you of the German vocabulary and  grammar rules. Ok, I admit this is a bit exaggerated, some images will not emerge, but that isn’t a problem. When you repeat once more in the evening, you  change the images somewhat and the next day you notice that now these images emerge as well when you call try to recollect them.

At some point you will take your important exam and you might ask yourself something like: „Which case is used by this preposition? Oh yes, that was in this and that situation.“ You search your memory in a directed way and the images come together as if by magic and – POP! There’s the answer! And with a big smile on your face you write down the correct answer …

… now, because you’re still reading, I presume that you’re interested in the „Power-learning-aids-kit for German grammar“.

And if you think about it: you don’t take any risk when you download it and work with the e-book. If you’re not completely enthused by the creativity and the power of this learning aid, you have my word that I will fulfill your 90-days-money-back guarantee.

So, test the Power-learning kit and transform your memory to a unique place of productive creativity.

Just click the link below and in only 5 minutes you’ll learn to know a completely different dimension of learning German.

I see you on the other side;


Peter Heinrich,
author of „Learn German Grammar with Mnemonics“.

P.s.: My practice manual will provide you with concrete step-by-step instructions for the creative, systematic learning techniques. You’ll see that there are complete different dimensions to learning German, which you’ve never seen before.

The chance that you will be as enthusiastic as many other customers, who already tested the package, is very high. And mind you … if you’re not completely satisfied, you can contact my  customer-support within 60 days. I will refund the full amount of the purchase price.

There’s nothing to lose…

Please read what my customers (both, students and teachers!) have to say

I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Finally somebody who knows that grammar-drums and vocabulary-swotting not really bring much about, and is serious to do something about it as well! I love your techniques and use them now in my lessons. Just like you, I feel very strongly about the simplification of learning languages and the grateful look in the eyes of my students tells me we’re heading in the right direction :)

I really can’t wait to try out your next products and tips. Thanks a lot and above all I wish you success!

Brigitte Schultz from Germany

Teacher of German as a foreign language

Hello, Mr. Heinrich!

Thank you very much for your German-grammar-materials! Just browsing your homepage is already a real pleasure. You address some problems which are everlasting central issues of  learning German grammar, and you manage to clarify this issues in a very motivated way.

Your practicable approach is a complete success. You’ve done a very good job!

Especially the „subordinate-clause-bird“ has turned out very well. My students were enthralled. And furthermore I would like to highlight the wonderful pictures. They are highly inspiring for the students, it shows time and time again by the memory-game in the different courses! Your other materials are also directly applicable in the classroom, it is designed in a very motivating way and clearly formulated; it’s fully recommendable. I’m already looking forward to many more creative ideas from you.

Heleen Döbler from Greifswald, Germany

Finally a creative approach to the word grammar, which is received very well by everybody. And the adjective-declension was also understood from the beginning.

I used the mnemotechnics with my „little“ students as well, and with them too it worked impeccably. The images stay in the mind and grammar rules are not just some letters on paper anymore!

Linda Marte, Austria

Teacher of German as a foreign Language

Your work is very well thought out and designed. It’s undoubtedly a great learning aid for German grammar. And finally a mnemotechnician takes on a wide, important subject area!

The attention to detail is impressive. You can be rightly proud of your work.

Ulrich Voigt, Hamburg

Hello Peter,

these techniques are really magic! My students just couldn´t believe how easily they can remember the German articles and many other German grammar rules all of a sudden!
Finally I found a visualization of German grammar that REALLY words! Every single cent is absolutely worth it!!

Tatyana Botova from Berlin

When I met you personally at a conference, your enthusiasm for the teaching of German and mnemotechnics was very obvious! This enthusiasm shows clearly  in your teaching materials.

I have only appraisal for the mnemotechnic technique as a means to learn German – if only I’d known it at the beginning of my German odessey! The course  makes the learning of German fun and a lot more accessible, and it will be my pleasure to highlight your course to the readers of my website. Keep up the good work!

Joanna Scudamore-Trezek from Vienna, Austria


Hello, Mr Heinrich,

after watching your video, I look already forward to the study of your learning package. The method fascinates me, because I’m constantly learning languages myself and I also teach German here in Italy.Thank you for offering your materials at such a reasonable price!

Andrea Mio from Italy

Teacher for German as a foreign language

I’ve had the materials printed in the Copy-Shop, because I find them so fantastic that I wanted them to look truly professional. And for a long lasting use they will be plasticized as well. This, I only do with materials I really like!!!
Elke Rabeneck from Dortmund, Germany

Teacher for German as a foreign language

During my 15 years as a teacher of German, I was incessantly endeavored to lighten the learning of the German grammar for my students. Your tips how to „learn German smarter“ were a welcome addition.

In the mean time, your learning posters have been printed in color, plasticized and are just waiting to be put on the wall in the classroom.

It’s not different with the flash cards: they’re permanently „on call“ in my teachers box. I’m looking forward to work with this abundance of material.

I would like to receive your permission to show your brilliant work at a vocational training course for teachers. Surely many teachers will be infected by my enthusiasm.

Danielle Goenen from Belgium

Teacher for German as a foreign language

I have to ascertain that your techniques are very structured and helpful. That’s exactly what one needs when learning a foreign language! I wish you success and will recommend your products.
Anna Stefanou aus Neustadt, Germany

Teacher for German as a foreign language

Dear Mr Heinrich,

the learning package has found its place in our university in the collection of educational aids. The students use it both for their seminars and for their course-designs in the language schools, internships etc.

Many foreign students work with the materials to improve their knowledge of German. Correspondingly, the POWER-Learning-Kit is of  great use for our library and we want to give you our warm thanks.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Steinmüller from Berlin

Professor for German as a foreign language, Technical University Berlin

Dear Peter!

since a few years I teach German in several companies. My clients are mostly medium and higher level managers. They are very ambitious and get sometimes annoyed when they find they don’t improve quickly enough. Your materials unlax the learning process wondrously and the clients are always astonished how easily they can memorize the content by means of your methods.

Keep up the good work and excite us with new products!

Matthias Steinhaus from Wiesbaden, Germany

Teacher for German as a foreign language

Dear Mr. Heinrich,

I’m enthralled with your tips for learning German! My students here in Ucrania sing passionately the dative-song in chorus! And not only during the classes :).  We’re even planning a Grammy candidacy :)

Romea Kliewer from Ucrania

Language trainer, Robert Bosch foundation

The materials of „learn-German-smarter“ have not only enthused me, but also my students! You could see the difference after a short while, as they made a lot less mistakes in their spontaneous speaking and the participants felt more certain.
Olivia Kälin from Switzerland

Teacher as German as a foreign Language

Dear Mr. Heinrich,

I bought your book on mnemotechnics and I’m very thrilled with it. It has helped me a lot!

Malgorzata Matyszczak from Poland

Hello Peter,

since I live in Germany, I struggle constantly with  the German language. I can’t say that I’m not a diligent student, but it  just doesn’t stay in my head for a long time. Often I think there’s no point in studying further. I already took part in several language courses and learned a lot by heart every time, but I forget a lot after a while […]

Since I’ve read the practice manual with your technique, I’m astonished how easy it is to memorize everything. The articles are committed to memory a lot faster and afterwards I have no problems anymore to remember it.

Many thanks for your help and I will continue to study using your method!

Tatjana Jirnov from Ludwigshafen, Germany

Hello Peter,

since nine weeks I use the methods from your practice manual in the 8th class at the German high school in Tenerife.

I’m delighted! Not only have the students a lot of fun with the different excercises and of course the pictures, but they memorize things incredibly well. The question for the article of „Heiterkeit“ has become completely unnecessary.

I start now with the prepositions and I think, they will have a lot of fun with this as well.

Some students even thanked me. I even use it German courses with native speakers!

Volker Kühl from Germany

Teacher for German as a foreign Language, German college, Tenerife

Your book is a compact work, for everybody who wants to enhance his learning potential effectively. All the mnemotechnics are explained and implemented by means of elaborate examples. It contains the result of  many years of hands on experience. Everybody who’s interested should take the time for it, because the effectiveness and thus a learning improvement are guaranteed.

I used mnemotechnics myself during my studies as a German teacher and I became the best student of the faculty (although I’m almost 40 years old). This e-book constitutes a basis for both teachers and students of languages, and it should be read and implemented. I congratulate you with this enormous work.

Akkiz Coscun from Turkey

Teacher for German as a foreign Language

Dear Mr. Heinrich,

a few weeks ago, I received your materials, into which I already had a glance a while ago. Many thanks! I’m really delighted with the explanations and the methodic approach!

I like in particular the idea of mnemonic images and pictograms – I even  invented a dative-tomcat, in parallel with your „subordinate-clause-bird“.  My participants are just as enthused as I am and they were astonished that it is possible to comprehend and to remember various interrelations in such a simple and quick way.

None of them had experienced anything similar before. But the most important thing was that we have learned in a quick way while having lots of fun and laughter, without any dusty grammar rules. Once again many, many thanks!

Kristin Lorenz from Berlin

I give private lessons for German as a foreign language and started this week to use your materials with my students. They were excited and have learned the prepositions easily!

I will recommend your Power-learning-aids-kit to my colleagues.

Eleonora Sacchi from Italy

Teacher for German as a foreign Language

Dear Mr. Heinrich,

I’m very glad I’ve ordered and read the super-practice book (Learning-kit). It’s unbelievable that mnemotechnics can simplify and concretize all the abstract concepts and focal points of the German grammar, such as for example the learning of the articles, vocabulary, prepositions and adjective-declension etc. They are such terribly difficult subjects that normally require an endless effort from us,  students of German. This is exactly what I expected, and it saves me a lot of time and effort.

Gerelmaa Galindev from Mongolia

Teacher for German as a foreign Language

Finally I was able to learn the declension of the adjectives. Thanks, thanks, thaanks!

I’m a teacher of Italian (Italian as a foreign language) and I also have a “ Bed and Breakfast“; therefore I need German! And finally it is fun!

At the moment I have a bit of spare time and it is fantastic to work with the e-book!

In the past I’ve worked a bit with mnemotechnics and I was looking for something for German. Your materials are really superb. You explain everything in a simple way, that’s the way one can learn something. Well done, Peter!

Antonio Libertino from Italy

Language teacher

Dear Mr. Heinrich,

I have used the preposition-songs with 16- and 17-years students and they liked it very much. The mnemotechnic suggestions are brilliant, especially for visual learners. The drawings in the book and on the learning cards are very pleasing and funny.

I think the mnemo-technique for the endings of the nouns is also brilliant!

Alice Gruber from United Kingdom

Teacher of German as a foreign Language

I’m enthralled with your learning package! As a teacher, I work with NLP- and suggestopedia-techniques for quite a while now. The right intermediation of knowledge is a matter of particular concern for me.

Therefore I’m all the more delighted with the learning kit, because it’s a wonderful enrichment. This way I want to thank you for your commitment…

I wish you a great week and best wishes from Augsburg!

Özlem Degirmeci from Augsburg, Germany

Teacher of German as a foreign Language

I had a close look at the book and I find  the ideas it contains really fantastic.
Inaki Azkue from Stuttgart, Germany

Dear Mr. Heinrich,

I think all the materials in the learning package are outstanding. And the Iglingorismus and co. went down very well in the classroom. They all had a lot of fun with the memory-game!

Teetje Horst from Germany

Teacher of German as a foreign Language

Good morning, Herr Heinrich,

I can already tell you now that I think that, above all, the method for the correct use of the adjective-endings is very convincing. I’ll also integrate the mnemotechnique for the theme area of the „verbs with prepositions“ in my lessons.

You have succeeded to produce a good tutorial in a very illustrative form on the implementation of memory techniques. The supplementary material is designed in a lovely way. I’m looking forward to other suggestions from the learning package.

Ulrich Weigle from Russia

Teacher of German as a foreign Language

Hello Peter,

my students were positively surprised when they saw the various pictures from the learning package on the wall. It led to many questions and a high level of motivation. They were so enthralled that they didn’t want to leave the classroom!

Marta Frommelt from Liechtenstein

Teacher of German as a foreign Language

Dear Mr. Heinrich,

I’m very impressed with the wonderful compilation of mnemotechnics. I’m busy  putting the wonderful graphic images on the wall of the classroom and I can’t wait to see how  my students will be able to commit the articles to memory and have fun at the same time.

Sabrina Klabuhn from United Kingdom

Teacher of German as a foreign Language

Hello Peter!

I’m really happy with the product, for me  the verbs and the prepositions were fairly difficult and now I’m even having  fun while I’m learning! Many thanks!!

Elisabetta Bianchetto from Italy

Through my study of educational science, I’m familiar with mnemotechnics since a longer time. My compliments for the transformation for learning German grammar!!!
Dorothee Weissert from Sevilla, Spain

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