„How to get rid of your grammar frustration while learning German by memorizing as SIMPLE und CREATIVE as the great memory artists“

Hi Peter!
Thank you very much for your work!
The techniques you put on your website are really good!
I only finished my last German course I did in Berlin last year and I know how difficult it is to remember even the simplest things!
At that time I also told my classmates about your learning method and your side!
It was super interesting for me and for the others!
Thank you so much!

Tia from Kasachstan

How to memorize efficiently and without mechanical repetitions

No more „somehow“ and dull learning!

How you can SENSUALLY link two-way-prepositions to the case

How you can SENSUALLY link two-way-prepositions to the case

The magic of the „Subordinate-Clause-Bird“

Hi Peter!
I really liked the new seminar! I think it’s great that you keep improving and redesigning your tips. The pictograms are particularly creative and interesting. I am sure that they will be useful for many German learners. The use of colors is simply indispensable in German classes, and I also like to use this method often and with pleasure.

Oksana from Russia