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Learn German with Mnemonics

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Dear Peter,

I ran into your method by accident on your website and now I am absolutely enthusiastic about it!
It makes me able to learn German on my own which is just awesome!
In such a short time I have learned what took me years before in a language school! Thank you!!

Susana Fernandes de Paes, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Hello, Mr Heinrich!

It is prepared ultra-professionally. I’m personally very much interested in mnemotechnics. There exists also a super program of a Turkish author, named Melik Safi Duyar. I used his program packet for my little daughter (she was only 4-5 years old then). The result was really outstanding. So, I’m a bit familiar with this techniques. I used them as well during my studies. As a teacher of German I’ve been thinking as well how I can use it in German lessons. I use a lot of it in my teaching. The subject  of my final thesis of my M.A. degree will also be mnemotechniques in learning and teaching of German.

Your work in this field is rounded off very well. This is the first comprehensive work especially for DaF-education, if I’m not mistaken. Your book is a compact work for every person who wants to enhance his learning potential effectively. All the mnemotechnics are explained and implemented with detailed examples. It contains the results of many years of experience, that’s another advantage. The persons who are interested can practice these techniques, and this way master them.

Everybody who’s interested should take the time to do this, because the effect and thus a learning improvement are guaranteed. I used mnemotechniques myself during my studies as a teacher of German and I became the best student of the faculty (although I’m almost 40 years old ). This E-Book forms a basis, both for teachers and for students of languages, which one should read and implement.

I congratulate you with this excellent work! The ideas and creations are surpassingly successful. Every teacher can use this ideas and cards in his classes. The learning results are guaranteed. The artistic presentation is superb. The pictures are refreshing, motivating and very well prepared. Teachers will have the possibility to teach efficiently and economically and with more motivation. Not to speak of the increased motivation of the students. Students will have the possibility to learn difficult and abstract contents without effort, while having fun. I congratulate you once more for this excellent oeuvre and I thank you a s a teacher of German for the enormously interesting work you have achieved.

Akkiz Coskun, Edirne Koleji, Turkey

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Peter,

Since nine weeks, I’m using the methods from the practice book in my German course in the 8th class at the German college in Tenerife.

I’m delighted! Not only have the students a lot of fun with the different exercises and of course the pictures, but they memorize things incredibly well. The question for the article of “Heiterkeit” has become completely unnecessary.

I start now with the prepositions and I think, they will have a lot of fun with this as well. Some students even thanked me. I even use it in courses of German as mother language.

Volker Kühl, German school, Tenerife

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Dear Peter! When I met you at a conference earlier this year, your enthusiasm for teaching German using your mnemotechnik was immediately clear! You have obviously carried this enthusiasm over in creating your teaching materials. I can only praise the use of mnemonics for learning German (if only I’d known of this technique at the beginning of my own German odyssey!) Your course makes learning German fun and the language much more accessible, and I shall be delighted to direct visitors to my German translation website to your course. Keep up the good work!
Joanna Scudamore-Trezek, Vienna, Austria


Hello, Mr. Heinrich!

Thank you very much for your German-materials! Just browsing your homepage is already a real pleasure. You address some problems which are everlasting issues of learning German as a foreign language, and you manage to clarify these issues in a very motivated way.

Your practicable approach is a complete success. You’ve done a very good job!

Especially the accessory-sentence bird has turned out very well. My students were enthralled. And furthermore I would like to highlight the wonderful pictures. They are highly inspiring for the students, it shows time and time again by the memory-game in the different courses! Your other materials are also directly applicable in the classroom, it is designed in a very motivating way and clearly formulated; it’s fully recommendable. I’m already looking forward to many more creative ideas from you.

Heleen Döbler,Greifswald, Germany

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Mr. Heinrich,

I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Finally somebody who knows that grammar-drums and vocabulary-swotting not really bring about a lot, and seriously undertakes to do something about it as well! I love your techniques and use them now in my German lessons. Just as you, I feel very strongly about the simplification of language learning and the grateful look in the eyes of my students tells me that we’re heading in the right direction :).

I’m really very curious for your next products and hints. Thanks a lot and above all I wish you success!

Brigitte Schulz

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Peter!

I am totally enthralled by the material! Until now it was always the same: „You have to learn that by heart …“ And I never had tricks, to make it easier for my students.

I already applied the method of the articles in a lesson and have even done a test with my students. It really works well and my students were totally excited.

I have to wait until next week to try out the other learning posters and learning cards, but I’m already looking forward to the feedback of the students. I am very happy that I found your site on the internet. From now on, teaching will be a lot easier for me, so thank you very much!

I am also looking forward to your bonus „How to learn similar verbs in a creative way!“ Because you have really good ideas and images with which the whole „German jumble“ vanishes into thin air …

Thank you for your imagination!!!!!!!!!!!

Manuela Haberbauer, Brasil

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Dear Mr Heinrich,

A few weeks ago, I received your materials, into which I already had a glance a while ago. Many thanks! I’m really delighted with the explanations and the methodic approach!

I like in particular the idea of mnemonic images and pictograms – I even invented a dative-tomcat, in parallel with your „accessory sentence-bird“. My participants are just as enthused as I am and they were astonished that it is possible to comprehend and to remember various interrelations in such a simple and quick way.

None of them had experienced anything similar before. But the most important thing is that we have learned in a quick way while having lots of fun and laughter, without any dusty grammar rules. Once again many, many thanks!

Kristin Lorenz, Berlin

Hello Peter,

since I live in Germany, I struggle constantly with the German language. I can’t say I that I’m not a diligent student, but it just doesn’t stay in my head for a long time. Often I think there’s no point in studying further. I already took part in several language courses and learned a lot by heart every time, but after a while I forget many things. I’m able to cope with the grammar and the vocabulary, but the learning of the articles and strong verbs is a disaster. Of course, I do understand that you have to repeat things many times in order to remember them. However, it’s simply not possible to constantly repeat everything.

Since I’ve read the practice manual with your technique, I’m astonished how easy it is to memorize everything. The articles are committed to memory a lot faster and afterwards I have no problems anymore to remember it.

Many thanks for your help and I will continue to study using your method!“

Tatjana Jirnov, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Dear Peter,

the concept of the use of mnemonic example-sentences by the learning of verbs with prepositions, is convincing!

Francesco Cucinotta, Stuttgart

Dear Mr Heinrich,

your work is very well thought out and designed. It’s undoubtedly a great learning aid for German as a foreign language.

And finally a mnemotechnician takes on a wide important subject area!

The attention to detail is impressive. You can be rightly proud of your work.

Ulrich Voigt, Hamburg

Publisher, Likanas Verlag

Hello Peter,

after watching your video, I’m already looking forward to the study of the learning package. This method fascinates me, as I’m learning languages constantly myself and I’m also teaching German here in Italy. Many thanks, that you offer your materials at such a reasonable price!

Andrea Mio, Italy

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Dear Mr Heinrich,

I’m thrilled with your German-learning-tips! My students here in Ucrania sing passionately the Dative-song in chorus. And not only during the classes :-). We’re even planning a Grammy candidacy ;)

Romea Kliewer, Poltava, Ucrania

Language Trainer, Robert Bosch foundation

I’m enthralled with your learning package! As a teacher, I work with NLP- and suggestopedia-techniques for quite a while now. The right intermediation of knowledge is a matter of particular concern for me.

Therefore I’m all the more delighted with the German grammar POWER-Learning Kit, because it’s a wonderful enrichment. This way I wanted to thank you for your commitment …

I wish you a great week and best wishes from Augsburg!

Özlem Degirmeci, Augsburg, Germany

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

This way, I finally have understood the declension of the adjectives!

Student 7th grade, German school Tenerife

Dear Peter,
I think your German grammar POWER-Learning-Kit is fabulous!

I have been a teacher for more than 18 years now …..
If only I’d have discovered your materials earlier, I would have saved so much time.

I think students of German need visual learning aids. I often made my students work with colors (pink for feminine, blue for masculine and yellow for neuter), because with the use of colors they could better memorize the gender of the nouns; but this is nothing compared to your materials.

Next week, I’ll implement it at the University to motivate my students even more.

Paola Vallavanti, Italy

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Many thanks! For me grammar is an important component by the learning of a foreign language, and I developed myself various mnemotechnic methods, which were a great help for the students.

German is not my mother tongue, however it fascinates me and I have to ascertain that your techniques are very structured and helpful. That’s exactly what one needs when learning a foreign language! Furthermore I wish you success and will recommend your products.

Anna Stefanou, Neustadt, Germany

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Dear Mr Heinrich,

The learning package has found its place in our university in the collection of educational aids. The students use it both for their seminars and for their course-designs in the language schools, internships etc.

Many foreign students study with the materials, to improve their knowledge of German.
Accordingly the learning package is of a great use for our library and we want to give you our warm thanks.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Steinmüller, Berlin

Professor of German as a Foreign Language, Technische Universität Berlin

Since we mainly teach students that are not used to study at our institute, the lessons have a slow pace, and I think that the learning posters, the songs, and the coloring book are very appropriate for the prepositions.

Alexandra Ojinski, Hamburg

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language, Citizens' initiative for guest workers (registered association)

Dear Peter,

I’m totally excited! You developed all those matters, that are the most important to my students.

I have had the materials printed in the Copy-Shop, because I find them so fantastic that I wanted it to look truly professional. And for a long lasting use, they will be plasticized as well. This, I only do with materials  I really like!!!

Elke Rabeneck, Dortmund, Germany

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

I already introduced the materials about the prepositions of change, and it has gone down VERY well. Thanks to the colors and the jolly little monster. We then also played actively the ball game and only then something clicked. In particular my youngest students (12 years) were very taken with it. But also the adults, who I mainly teach, supported the drawings. After I had put the learning posters up in the classroom, another teacher asked me straight away where I got these fantastic materials?

Marie-Annette Laufer, Munich

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Dear Mr Heinrich,

liked the German course very much. I think your idea to visualize the cases is simply brillant.

I wish you yet a lot of success with your German course. I send you my greetings from Südtirol, and wish you furthermore a nice day.

Nikolaus Chizzali,Italy

Finally I learned the declension of the adjectives. Thanks, thanks, thaanks!

I’m a teacher of Italian (Italian as a foreign language), and have also a “bed and breakfast”; therefore I need German!But finally it is fun!

I have a bit spare time at the moment and it is fantastic to work with the E-book!

In the past, I have worked a bit with mnemotechnics and I was looking for something for German. Your materials are really superb: you explain everything in the easy way, that’s the way one can learn. Well done, Peter!

Antonio Libertino, Ricadi, Italy

language teacher

Dear Peter,

I can confirm that it’s worth purchasing the book. I have at first used the lesson of the declension of the adjective, and this with great success!

My students  understood it very quickly, and more important they remember it!

“Kochtopf” belongs in the mean time to the basic vocabulary!
Many regards from Clermont-Ferrand

Birgit Reichel, France

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Dear Peter,

I teach a small group of motivated women at the level B1. Despite several learning tips, for some the articles remained a stumble block. The materials from easyDaF inspired not only me, but the whole group. You could see the difference after a short while, as they made a lot less mistakes in their spontaneous speaking and the participants felt more certain.

In particular, the participants  with a vivid fantasy :)

The learning method inspires me now as well with the learning of the Tamil language, which is not easy at all. I already manage to remember certain words and sentences, using  mnemotechnics. Many thanks for the appealing and playfully prepared material!

Olivia Kälin, Switzerland

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Dear Mr Heinrich,

I purchased the book about mnemotechnics, and I,m excited. It was a great help!

Malgorzata Matyszczak, Poland

Hi Peter,

I’m working with your materials since a few lessons. We started of with the article-course. The students were thrilled! I use the material at the moment in two 6th classes and in one 7th class of a German school in Spain.

Susanne Felsch, Spain

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

The article-course is offered on a regular base in the Hartnack college in Berlin, and there is a huge demand for it. It is a permanent part of our package and it offers the possibility to learn in a pleasant and creative way.

By the way: years ago I followed the article-course of Peter Heinrich-with success!

Hella Garbe, Berlin

Coordinator for methodology and materials, Hartnackschule Berlin

Dear Mr Heinrich,

During my 15 years activity as a DaF-teacher in vocational education, I was incessantly endeavoured to lighten the learning of the German grammar for my adult students. I also use mnemotechnics and a lot of humour. Your „Learn German Smarter” were a welcome complement to what I have developed and tested (on a much smaller scale).

Your learning posters are in the mean time printed in colour, plasticized and are just waiting to be put on the wall in the classroom.

It’s not different with the cards:they’re permanently “on call” in my teachers box.

I’m looking forward to the work with this abundance of materiall.

Since 2 years now, I’m a pedagogic teacher in our institution (FOREM) and as such, among other things, also responsible for the continuing education of our language teachers. At the end of October I’m holding a course-seminar about mnemotechnics and I would love to show your learn- posters and -cards as possible applications.

I assume this publicity meets your wishes. I will not pass any material on to third parties, as a matter of course, but I would like to have your permission to show your brilliant work. I can imagine very well that my enthusiasm will affect some teachers to the point of buying a learning package. Also, I would like to place an order for our institution. I will contact you, as soon as I know how many copies I need.

Danielle Goenen, Belgium

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Dear Peter!

Since a few years I teach German in several companies. My clients are mostly medium and higher level managers. They are very ambitious and get sometimes annoyed when they find they don’t improve quickly enough. Your materials unlax the learning process wondrously and the clients are always astonished how easily they can memorize the content by means of your methods.

Keep up the good work and excite us with new products!

Matthias Steinhaus, Wiesbaden, Germany

Coordinator for methodology and materials

Dear Mr Heinrich,

I like your technique very much; thank you for the work!

Kaya Ahmet, Berlin (after the article-course)

Mnemotechniques from Mr Heinrich:

I stumbled on the website of Mr Heinrich per coincidence, while I was looking for didactic proverbs for verbs with prepositions, and I was very quickly convinced by his method of “mnemonic-sentences” with the “dual” preposition.

After this I read a bit more of his website and I decided to purchase the ´German Grammar POWER-Learning-Kit´ as well as the scientific paper, to finally be able to provide my students (adults, German as a foreign language) with effective methods to master the difficulties of the German language.

I was less convinced by the method of associating cases with colors and pictures. That seemed a bit too far-fetched to me. But to my astonishment I noticed that I was reacting myself to this method, to a point that I at some stages thought: “that has to appear in blue or in red though.” That means that, only after working on the theme, and at first still reluctant, I have adopted this method and I’m now also prepared to alter my way of teaching and to pass on these aids at once to the participants.

What I appreciate a lot as well, is Mr Heinrich’s openness towards suggestions for improvement or criticism. As always, with revising one’s own work, mistakes are overlooked sometimes, and when I pointed  out a mistake in a tip to him,  I received an actualized version of the material on my PC in no time.

Besides, I want to mention that yet both a student (B1-level) and a teacher have decided to purchase the material. My colleague started to use the article-method in her course before buying the material, but only after I mentioned the website to her, and she encountered a big interest of the participants (both of the highly qualified students and of the poorly educated students).

Karin Bauer-Weisenstein, Switzerland

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Peter,

first of all many thanks, that I don’t have to say to my participants anymore that they simply have to learn the nouns with the articles by heart :))))

The article-course is simply brilliant, colourful, creative and very helpful. The topic of the article is not boring anymore from now on.

Feyza Özmen, Augsburg, Germany

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

I give private lessons for DaF and started this week to use your material with my students. They were excited and have learned the prepositions easily!

I will recommend your ´German Grammar POWER-Learning-Kit´ to my colleagues.

Eleonora Sacchi, Italy

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

I had a close look at the book and I think the ideas that are presented in the book, are really superb.

Tomas Leko, Schweiz

Dear Peter,

I’m very happy that I ordered  and read the ´German Grammar POWER-Learning-Kit´. It is incredible that  mnemotechnics can simplify and concretise all the abstract concepts and grammatical emphases such as the learning of articles, learning of vocabulary, prepositions and adjective-declension etc., of the German language, which are so difficult and require an endless effort to learn, from us, students of German as a foreign language. This is precisely what I expected, and with which I can save time and effort.

I can tell you, as a Mongolian teacher of German and as an ex-student of German, who struggled with the same problems in each step of learning German, that the book makes German really easier. The book stimulates the students with fascinating pictures, learning- cards and -posters and the subjects are brilliantly supported with excercises.

One has simply to experience it for himself, it’s definitely worth it. With the E-Book, one can enjoy learning German and have fun.

The included materials (POWER-Learning-Kit) and the area of support it has reopened for me, keep the promise that this book will  be of great assistance in my work as a doctoral student researching German as a foreign language for Mongolian people, and in my work as a future teacher as well.

With its adequate size, its didactic structure and the appendix, it surpasses the expectations, which I have in three areas of experience:

As a student of German for me the learning of the vocabulary and the grammar come in the first place. My first stay in Germany makes me realize how important it is for the Mongolian study of German literature to be able to dispose over mnemotechnics. This e-book helps me personally to improve  my knowledge of the German language in a fast way. It makes the learning easier. One has to work with the book and will then experience that the learning of the German language can be fun as well.

As a doctoral candidate of German I would like to research memory-techniques for German as a foreign language, which can be used by Mongolian teachers and students. The book is also recommendable with regard to the research of mnemotechnics for an Eurasian language (even  Mongolian). During my studies, I had “to simply learn” the subject matter“.

As a teacher: I have taught German as a foreign language at the university of Ulaan Bator, the university of my homeland.

I didn’t have such easily ascertainable mnemotechnics and learning aids, such as presented in this e- book, at my disposal for the lessons. I only obtained a limited knowledge of more recent research results about the methodology and didactics in the subject “ German as a foreign language”. Abstract concepts, often difficult to understand and the following and implementing of grammatical rules, cost a lot of effort and have unnecessarily complicated my teaching as well as  the learning of my students.

Advantages: the project is by the author constantly enriched with information and new ideas and methods. In addition there should be messages about actual research results forthcoming. That’s more than I expected with the purchase of this superb practice E-Book.

Gerelmaa Galindev, Mongolei

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Mr Heinrich,

I have used the preposition-songs with 16- and 17- years students, and they liked it very much. The mnemotechnic suggestions are brilliant, in particular for visual students. The drawings in thee-Bbook and on the learning cards are very attractive and funny.

The drawings for the prepositions went down very well with my students and therefore I hope that they’ll remember better the meaning of the prepositions as well as the difference between the dative and the accusative.

I think the mnemotechnique for the endings of the nouns is also brilliant! The E-Bbook contains many tips for teachers which they can pass on to their students. It is also appropriate as a learning aid for advanced students, who wish to work independently.

Alice Gruber, United Kingdom

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language, Godalming College, UK

Dear Peter,

The article-course was called to my attention by the Hartnack college in Berlin. When I finished an internship there in March, I once had the possibility to sit in as a guest in the article-course. The reactions of the students were really overwhelming and I think the idea is splendid! Finally one has an answer ready, when one hears again the reproach that the gender-assignment in German is so abstract and arbitrary.

Sandra Bleiner, Berlin

Good day, Mr Heinrich,

I send you a feedback after the purchase of your ´German Grammar POWER-Learning-Kit´. At first the download went very smoothly, I received very quickly a message with the necessary link and password.

I can already tell you now that I think that  above all, the method for the right use of the Adjective-endings is very convincing. The mnemotechnic for the theme area “verbs with preposition” I will integrate  in my lessons as well.

You have succeeded, to produce a good tutorial in a very illustrative form about the application of memory techniques. The supporting material is designed in a lovely way. I’m looking forward to other suggestions from the learning package.

Best regards;

Ulrich Weigle, Russia

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Peter,

my students were positively surprised, when they saw the various pictures of the learning package on the wall. It led to many questions and motivation. They were so enthralled, that they didn’t want to leave the classroom!

Marta Frommelt, Liechtenstein

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Mr. Heinrich,

I work for the first year in a secondary school in Austria and I don’t have a special DaF- education. In fact, I’m ´just´ a simple teacher of German. Already in February of last year I was offered the supervision of a “ reform-class”. Since I’m not afraid of any challenge, I accepted the offer and teach now since September a class which counts currently 8 students between 8 and 15 years old. Not only their age, but also their levels are very varying. One student lives already one year in Austria ,while others live here only since 2009. Since a few weeks I also teach adults, with no less variation in levels.

The internet offers an abundance of DaF-material, however there is just nothing appropriate for the teaching  of children.So I have started to make the material that I need, myself, which is an enormous effort most of the time. Above all I’m very endeavoured to adapt the working documents individually for the ´little ones´.

In the course for the adults, I work a lot with your textbook and the technique for the learning of the articles encountered a very big interest. Moreover, this is finally a creative handling of the word grammar, which goes down very well with everybody. The adjective-declension was also understood at the first go.

I’ve also used the mnemotechnics with the ´little´ students, and it worked impeccably here as well. The pictures stay in their heads and are no longer some letters on paper.

Soon, I will treat the irregular verbs, both in the course for adults and in the school class, and I’m already very curious to see how long-lasting the mini-stories are.

In the mean time, my most cordial greetings to you,

Linda Marte

Linda Marte, Austria

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Peter,

another compliment: the songs for the prepositions go down very well with my students! With this they learn the prepositions really considerably quicker. The singing together relaxes, motivates; the students are concentrated and remember the simple ,catchy melodies very well. I have a better experience with these songs than with  memory verses.

Elke Kikelj-Schwald, Austria

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Finally a learning aid that I like. I’m very happy that you make your work available.

Rebecca Mehler, Basel, Switzerland

Hello, Mr. Heinrich!

I’m really happy with the product, for me the verbs and the prepositions were fairly difficult and now I’m even having fun while I’m learning!

Many thanks!!

Elisabetta Bianchetto, Italy

Dear Mr Heinrich,

I’m very impressed with the wonderful compilation of mnemotechniques. I’m busy with putting  the wonderful grafic images as posters on the wall of my classroom, and I can’t wait to see that my students memorize the articles better and have fun with it.

Sabrina Klabuhn, UK

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

Hello Peter,

for my thesis (that, as you know, is about mnemotechniques in language teaching), I have now made several tests in different class years, and I have among others also implemented the Lion/Woman/Water-visualization in a 11th class. Result: Most of the students thought the idea is absolutely great and helpful, and one of my most critical students (who is very good and demanding) mentioned while leaving -”That was a REALLY helpful lesson!”. The scores were from 4/20 to 18/20 ( with words which the students already knew, but whose genders they always mixed up) and the students who already had good scores before the introducing of the technique, interestingly already worked with similar techniques which they had from somebody else or had invented themselves.

Therefore, I’m more than ever convinced that these memory techniques are very valuable for daily use, and I wouldn’t mind  to confirm this in an interview.

Susanne Hauser, UK

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language

As a native English speaker learning German, I am always in need of helpful mnemonics for the language. The songs provided on Lernpaket are great for just that. The music doesn’t interfere with learning; in fact, it provides catchy, quirky tunes that are sure to stick in your mind and come in handy when speaking German. Each word is sung clearly and the audio quality is excellent. I would recommend the German-Grammar-POWER-Learning-Kit for anyone interested in learning and advancing their German skills.

Elizabeth Shaw, USA

Hello Peter,

I wanted to write you for quite a while now, to let you know that I have made great progress; thank you for everything.

Mirjana Gavrlovic, Switzerland

Through my study of educational science, I’m familiar with mnemotechnics since a longer time. My compliments for the transformation for DaF!!!

Dorothee Weissert, Sevilla, Spain

Teacher of German as a Foreign Language