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Learn from a native teacher of German how to turn on your memory-TURBO and learn German grammar really easy!

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Apart from that you find on this website a lot more tips and tricks to improve your study and thus make it a lot easier to learn German.

Welcome to my website!

First of all let me apologize for my simple an sometimes maybe wrong English on this website. That´s due to the fact that English is not my mother language.

I am a native German teacher – so my German is much better – I promise :)

Teaching German as a foreign language I´ve been meeting  so many wonderful people from all over the world.  I just love it making it easier for them to get started with a new language and culture!

However, when it came to topics such as „German grammar“ and „vocabulary“ I would always use a phrase which frustrated myself as much as my students who actually expected powerful help with there learning German. But instead of really helping them I used to say:

You just have to learn it!

Wouldn´t it be great if you had really great teaching methods and learning aids ready instead, especially developed for learning German?

On this website you´ll find both of it! You are going to find pro-tips, which I promise make your learning German much easier! For sure you´ll discover absolutely new stuff on this website, and – who knows – one day you might be as enthusiastic about mnemonics as myself and many more customers who gave it a try already.

But for now just have fun exploring my site and with your new struggle against learning German by „rote repetition“!


–Peter Heinrich

Hi Peter,
I enjoyed the Ideas on your website very much. Like you I teach German as a foreign language. I work at a private language school in a small town in the south of Poland. I am very interested in Mnemonics and think your Ideas are very helpful.

Jagoda Gniadek from Poland

Everybody has seen some great memory artists on TV. Obviously they can memorize just EVERYTHING pretty easily! Are these guys naturally super-smart? Do they have some innate super-memory? Nope! They just use very efficient tricks – they use so called mnemotechniques or – mnemonics, highly sophisticated mental memory systems.
On this website you will learn how you, too, can develop such kind of a super-memory and take huge advantages out of it applying it to your learning German.

With special mnemonics for German as a foreign language you are going to learn German


with great illustrations




with less time


with more fun


feeling more confident



What does this website make so exceptional „smart“?

Well, I built this website because the feedback from my students was so awesome. All of us are absolutely convinced that these techniques absolutely rock when you learn German! Slowly but steadily more and more students of German as well as teachers want to get rid of those stubborn tables and merely text based learning „tips“! Instead they discover the incredible power of mnemonics.

Here is an example of what Anna Wozniackas classroom looks like recently

Anna and her students are so happy with there new learning techniques that they gratefully sent me this wonderful photo. The picture shows some of our mnemonic-study-posters attached on the walls of the classroom. These fantastic posters are part of the POWER-Learning-Kit for German grammar.

students of German love mnemonics for German grammar

Hi Peter,

I am sending you a photo of my German class from april 12th 2010. My students say „hi“ and want to thank you for your great tips

Anna Woszniacka from Germany

Also the German „Volkshochschulen“ have already learned, how extremely useful visual methods are for everybody who is willing to learn or even teach German.

That´s why in the „European Language Portfolio“ asks learners to reflect their personal language learning strategies.

Can you, too, check the following boxes?

Europäisches Sprachenportfolio

On this website you will find mnemonic illustrations by a professional artist, and in the shop you´ll find absolutely new and innovative aids for both German learning and teaching in form of eBooks videos, songs and more.

In the section German grammar you´ll find all kinds of free stuff to easen up your learning of severe topics of German grammar.

Plus, many teachers from all over the world reveal their best tips and share them with you on this website, thus you can get the best to improve your German!

Got an idea for improvement? Found a typo? No problem, you´ll get your update immediately!

What I really like is Peters open mind when it comes to criticism. As I pointed out a mistake, I found an update of the entire material on my computer immediately.

Karin Bauer-Weisenstein from Switzerland

Teacher of German as a foreign language

Download study material to learn German right on your computer. Songs, films, eBooks, flash cards and more. Print it out – and you´re ready to go!

Who can take advantage out of this?

Everything on this site is appropriate for both – those who learn German and for German teachers. If you teach German as a foreign language you will definitely impress your students with innovative techniques and awesome posters.

I am so thrilled by your material, because it matches exactly my expectations of exciting and effective teaching.

Elke Rabeneck from Dortmund, Germany

Teacher of German as a foreign language

If you learn German using our material you will find explanations of German grammar which you really understand and become capable to learn it the easy way – guaranteed! Everything is bilingual, thus German AND English. This way you can always take a glance to the German version and yet be confident to understand EVERYTHING.

easyDaF is a very simple learning method. It is clear, funny and easy to comprehend. It makes me able to learn German at independently at home.

Yuly Rodríguez from Madrid, Spain

Learning Aids for German Grammar

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