„Here is how you get rid of your frustration with German Grammar by learning as LEAN and CREATIVE as the great Memory Masters“

Hello Peter!
Thank you very much for your work!
The learning techniques on your website are really great!
I just finished my German-Course in Berlin last year, and I know exactly how difficult it can be sometimes even to remember the simplest grammar rules!
During my German class I gave presentation to the other students about your website.
It was very interesting and they really liked it!
Thanks again! Tia from Kasachstan

Hello Peter!
I think it´s great that you keep improving your tips and designs. Particularly the pictograms are very creative and interesting. I am sure that the seminar is very helpful for many students of German.
The use of colors is in the teaching of German just indispensable, I am using this method myself very often. Oksana Schick, Russia

German teacher